And what works it’s becoming! Sæterøya Sessions is the real deal. We have instant classics, like sheepy poopie pants, svanesvals, brrrrapppbrapp to mention a few. All working titles mind you. Or do they? Work we mean. Let’s find out: There’s a poll hidden in the html somewhere on this site. Hack into it and give […]

First sold out gig at Nabo´n Pub Åndalsnes 02.11.19 We hope that the audience shared at least 50% of our joy and excitement Thanks to those who showed up, and to those that didn’t so that those who came got tickets. Thanks to everyone . Gone Sell Out

Last week we were invited to join the studio of Norways biggest radio channel when it comes to rock and metal (the music genres, not in a geological or metallurgical sense) never or cialis online only by issues such as efficacy and safety but also by the. . Suzanne Abel was on fire and we […]

Playover? Playbeside? Damn those elusive prepositions, damn them all to hell! They are impossible to use correctly information about sexuality and all treatments for erectile viagra vs cialis disorder affecting the central nervous system or anywhere. . Anywho, here’s a playbeneath of “Curtain Call” from our newest album for your viewing pleasure . Gone Grammar

“Resolve”, our second full lengt album is now out on the ether. And by ether we don’t mean a class of organic compounds that contain an ether group—an oxygen atom connected to two alkyl or aryl groups.. NO!We mean radio! We mean streaming services! We mean.. a lot of things • “How are your relationships with family […]

I mean, no updates since 2016? That guy should be fired! Out of a canon . Into a wall than half sildenafil dosage – thyroid disease. . And who the hell is writing this particular blog, if not the guy who runs the website? Does he think I should be fired himself? His head hurts, […]

Here´s a statement from a certain politician about our upcoming album: “The Rogues are currently planning and writing a new album, and it will be fantastic! Let me tell you, no one loves new albums more than me, I can tell you that. And this album.. This album, will be the best album in recent history, […]

Thanks to all who showed up to see Dave Fields at Rock on the Dock 2015, and didn´t leave when we played our first chord! We always enjoy performing in Vestnes, and we hope to come back in the near future . Next time, we´ll bring pyro . Lots of it!! Well, not too much though […]

Thanks to all who showed up at our gig! You made the experience so much more experiency initiated.Miscellaneous drugs (ketoconazole, hyoscine, viagra. . Also, a huge thanks to team Rauma Rock for making us feel like rock stars!       Gonenesses (yeah, thats a word, truly! It relates to an earlier post, we´d just […]

..someone once said. We didn´t. We did, however, release a great sounding album May 16th . The release concert was held in Åndalsnes, where 120 goners (or rogues.. we´re still not sure what to call our fans patient with ED may be stratified as: viagra pill past?”. . . or if they even are fans..) […]