The Band

The road so far

Gone Rogue started out as a two-man project in 2003. Erkki and Raymond got bored one day and thought: ” Hey, why don´t we smash our faces in with bricks? ” . Later, they found out that forming a band was both more fun and rewarding . Cato Alvestad joined the same year to add some more noises to the soundscape.

In 2005, they asked Anders Henriksen to take over the mic. It turned out that he was quite talented with a bass, even more so than with his larynx. Since they where in dire need of a bass player as well, it turned out great. Some days, or months, or years..

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. or weeks.. later, Remi Draagen joined as the bands lead bastard, and vocalist. Suddenly they were a real band. Hip hooray, and Claire´s your aunt!

Gone Rogue has always been a geographically challenged band. Add that to the fact that a day only have 24 hours, both Cato and Remi left the band.

Ole Christian Gridset had the pleasure of taking over the drums in 2008. He has never regretted his decision. (Or always, no one knows for sure..)

2009 was the year the Penguins won the Stanley cup. It was also the year Oddgeir Søvik and his vocal chords was enrolled into the rogues school of noise.

One year later, in 2010, they released their first EP – Essence of Absence.

In 2013 came the highly anticipated first full length album “Home”. It received international acclaim. Two iTunes downloads in Mexico and one in Australia counts as international.

Vårsøg, one of Norways most recognizable folk tunes, didn’t escape the rogues claws of cover . In 2016 they released a single and a music video with their take on the classic song. For added effect they teamed up with Toril Moe to help out on the vocals.

In 2019, only six years after “Home” they published “Resolve”, their second full length album, on the ether. What’s next, no one knows.

Anders Eltvik Henriksen – Bass
Quack by day, unexceptional lover by night, and bass player in-between . He is the go-to guy when you don´t need anything. He’s got a nice house though, so he’s got that going for him.

* webmasters note: He is a quack by night also.

Erkki Morten Klami – Guitar/Vocals
Beeing one of the founders, and to quote Clay himself, “The mother” of the band, he feels a constant need to care for the other band members*. He plays a lot of instruments, but these days he mostly tries to play human. One day, with a bit of practice, he might actually get the hang of it.

*webmasters note: He has now taken the approach of not caring for the other band members. The band give an equal amount of fucks about both approaches.

Oddgeir Søvik – Vocals
Oddgeir is like a box of chocolate, you either gonna have a pleasurable experience, making you wanting for more, or you gonna get that fucked up bit with sherry and marzipan in it. He is also a great guy to have around if your self esteem is too high.

Ole Christian Gridset – Drums
Chris is known by many names, but mostly just Chris. As a drummer his influences comes from a number of different sources: Budweisser, Heineken and Dahls, to mention a few.

Raymond Grøvdal Hansen – Guitar
He is, together with Erkki, the co founder of the band. He prefer the company of dogs over humans, and most humans prefer the company of dogs over him. So it all balances out. One day he might even learn how to play the guitar.