We are maybe not the fastest seeds in the crop when it comes to updating our website, it´s not really much of a crop either, but hey, that´s “Gone Rogue” for you.. So it´s time to post a more grand decleration you´d might call it on what´s going on in the band. First, Remi Eidhammer […]

March 14th we are playing live once again. Our last performance at Kulturhuset, even though the sound was crap, has made us hungry for more. We have some new equipment that as of yet haven´t been field tested. That´s why we´ve decided to take part in the Emergenza Festival to see how loud our amps […]

We have finally sobered up from our first “concert” in aeons. We played five songs that rocked! The sound was bad though, and since Ray was somehow disconnected from the PA, we had only one guitar out to the audience. (That´s right Thomas, we´ve heard the recordings..) It doesn´t matter. We had a blast, and […]

Saturday, January 17th, the mother of all double concerts will take place at Rauma Kulturhus! The Rauma Rock festival have been awarded the price for the cultural event of the year, and will arrange a metal´n roll extravaganza to celebrate. More info at www.RaumaRock.com. Gone Rogue will play new never before heard material, heavy enough […]

..why Gone Rogue rarely jam together. After five minutes, insubstantial arguments over nothing in particular evolved into something completely different. Friendship and laughter turned into blood feud and violence. According to the saying, time heals. If we know the Rogues right, a fair amount of time will pass until they meet again. Hopefully this incident […]

Today we had our first rehersal in ages, and it felt damn good! We have some killer new material that´s heavy enough to shake the water out of a squirrel, and quite possibly tear the very fabric of time. There´s a fair amount of  whispering in the shadows about upcoming gigs, so it´s important that […]