Everyones favorite metal rogues has come out of hibernation, and are at the moment rehearsing their fabulously molded asses off. (It´s fairly obvious that the writer of this sexy article is a member of the band, but he decided that writing it in third person narrative would be totally erotic this time of the year) […]

“Haven Lost”, the final bong for our fantabulous EP has been released for your pressure! You can find it at our Myface page and Uhørt. www.myspace.com/gonerogueband www.nrk.no/urort/artist/GoneRogue/default.aspx So what are you painting for? Put on your favorite pants, grab a bear and krank up your mother! . Gone Dyslectic

We survived yet another weekend with intense rehearsal. Even more exciting, the final song on the EP has entered the mixing consoles at 4DSounds. We received a taster yesterday, and it will most definitely kick some serious gluteus maximus! With any luck the EP will be finished at the end of March. . Gone Gluteus […]

…this Saturday, are Those Words. “Which words” you might ask, and we will answer “exactly!”. Still don´t know what we´re talking about? Then check out the video below. The song from our coming EP, you guessed it, “Those Words”, is this time accompanied by stunning visual components. Are you hearing impaired? Don´t let that stop […]

We have some terrible news for you all: Someone has leaked one of the songs from our coming EP for the whole world to hear. We implore you, do not under any circumstances listen to it before the official release July 2017. You can find it here  , or here  . Also, we strongly recommend […]

Our EP was unfortunately a little late to be a part of the commercial shopping extravaganza most usually referred to as Christmas. It´s not a problem for us though. Infact, it´s a relief. We have more than our hands full processing the pre-orders of our EP. To be totally honest, the EP being delayed is […]

…elsewhere. Nothing big in particular is happening within the band at the moment. We are waiting for the final mix of our EP to jump out the mail box and hit us in the face. We´ve been given some rough samples and we must say it´s gonna be awesome in the true sense of the […]

Finally it´s here, the moment none of you have been waiting for: Studio Roguecast #4! This is possibly (but not likely) the last audio/visual communicative installment from the rogues seemingly neverending studio endeavour. Watch it, enjoy it, cry some, and bite a squirrel!

We are finally done with this years hazardous studio adventure. Not everything went as planned, in fact not much were planned, but we are still really happy with the result. All our raw material has been sent over to our man Acle (Tesseract and former Fell Silent), who has taken upon himself the tremendous task […]