Jeff and Jim are back with a vengeance! Or, to be perfectly honest, Jim has gone on vacation with a vengeance, leaving Jeff all alone with his vengeanceness. We really have no idea what this episode is about, you just have to watch it and awe at its uselessness. Also, Daniel Gildenlöw (Pain of Salvation) […]

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In fact, it´s way out! The second episode of the nerve-wracking first season of Jeff and Jim has been published. “How can they possibly advance the story and keep up the suspense, and still maintain realistic and believable characters? ” , you might ask your mum. The answer would be; “never run with scissors, now […]

After an exhausting video shoot, Jeff and Jim took a well earned few days off to clear their heads. Needless to say, their first stop was the Hagerock festivities in Vestnes where Gone Rogue was rumored to not only perform, but to do so naked. And indeed , one of the rumors was true! (The […]

Meet Jeff and Jim, and their fanatic dedication to everything Gone Rogue! We had a nice little chat with our marketing department, and they came up with a fantastic idea that would work and even stay within our budget limit. With this kind of groundbreaking content, top quality acting, and state of the art visual […]

What a remarkable day! It´s the 216th day of the year (217th in leap years), and has been the host of some of the most extraordinary events in the history of mice! (also man) In the year 70, the romans destroyed the Second Temple in Jerusalem on this very day. Then, In 1693 Dom Perignon invented Champagne. If […]

Everyones favorite metal rogues has come out of hibernation, and are at the moment rehearsing their fabulously molded asses off. (It´s fairly obvious that the writer of this sexy article is a member of the band, but he decided that writing it in third person narrative would be totally erotic this time of the year) […]

“Haven Lost”, the final bong for our fantabulous EP has been released for your pressure! You can find it at our Myface page and Uhørt. So what are you painting for? Put on your favorite pants, grab a bear and krank up your mother! . Gone Dyslectic