The answer is “that low”, followed by a pointing gesture towards the computer monitor where our newest studio podcast is radiating pixelated filth across your desk. We love creating and playing music, and we enjoy making movies, we just haven´t quite grasped the concept of combining the two in an appropriate fashion. I don´t know why […]

The rogiatus is over! Gone Rogue has once again entered the recording studio with every intention to act in a professional manner, and to publish high quality studio reports suited for both informational and educational purposes. Of course, according with tradition, these intentions got a solid kick in the chickenskin allready before we finished writing […]

Not our band per se, but a band nonetheless. Pain of Salvation will be one guitar player short after their tour with Opeth. Our marketing department has since the digital release of our EP on iTunes, been threatened, beaten up and publicly humiliated. We know that the iPod spoof ad we made stirred up some […]

..will not, despite all the rumors, share the stage this week. However, Essence of Absence is now available on iTunes! So if you haven´t gotten hold of this swashbuckling adventure of an EP yet, this is an easy way to give a struggling company like Apple some profit for once. And since it´s on iTunes, […]

Three weeks ago one of our axe wielders underwent a major ( minor ) wrist surgery. Gone Rogue has therefore decided to cancel all concerts the next couple of months. To all of our fans who bought tickets: We are truly sorry! Mostly because you have bought tickets to an imaginary event. Seriously, where did […]

.. is usually a safe bet to get many hits on your webpage. So, now you know. On an entirely different matter, our EP – Essence of Absence is almost sold out. Almost. If you hurry, you can get your sweaty palms on your own personal copy. The disc is guarantied to endure all kinds […]

Jeff and Jim are back with a vengeance! Or, to be perfectly honest, Jim has gone on vacation with a vengeance, leaving Jeff all alone with his vengeanceness. We really have no idea what this episode is about, you just have to watch it and awe at its uselessness. Also, Daniel Gildenlöw (Pain of Salvation) […]

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