New song released!

Here´s a statement from a certain politician about our upcoming album:

“The Rogues are currently planning and writing a new album, and it will be fantastic! Let me tell you, no one loves new albums more than me, I can tell you that. And this album.. This album, will be the best album in recent history, and I have lived during recent history, so I know recent history, let me tell you. It will be a wall, a wall of sound, and the audience WILL PAY FOR IT! Let me tell you. I have a wall, so I know walls, and no one is better to have walls than me, I´ll tell you that, and this album will totally wall.”

In the meantime, check out Vårsøg, our cover from the traditional norwegian folk tune by Henning Sommerro and Hans Hyldbakk.

Available on iTunes, Tidal and Spotify for listening, and if you crave some visual snacks with the tunes, check it out on YouTube.

Gonald Trump

vårsøg cover