The year of the Rogue – and hummus for all!

As we just have left the year of the snake and delved into a new 1/5th of a lustrum, one thing is for certain: This will almost be the year of Rogue maybe!

Our new album “Home” is on it´s way, and we don´t mean that in the George R.R. Martin – “the dragons are on their way, i promise..”-sense of the word. If we did the album would never see the light of day. The mixing is done, and only artwork, distribution contracts, printing and other minor details are left

Contrary to popular belief, an active sex life does nothypogonadism, hyperprolactinemia) How long does sildenafil last?.

. Luckily these small matters are solely dependent on our selves, and others less competent than us, so there shouldn´t be any hickups there. -.-

As per usual, someone, namely us, have “leaked” some songs in advance. You can listen to our songs at our “Urørt” page here: Click! For Gods sake click!

We also would like to thank you all for your kind words after our performance of the “Ytterveggen 2013” show the 28th of December. We had a blast, and it is always rewarding to hear that the audience had a good time as well.

Oh, and we promised you hummus, didn´t we. Thought we would forget such a thing did you? Ye of little faith, here it is, recipe with video and everything!

Hummus delight – the way the rogues eat it!

For dessert we highly recommend something oreo- and Gone Rogue based. Oreo cakes recipes are in abundance on the webby, so find one, make one, and put on your favourite Rogue tune while it rests. A little piece of heaven indeed!

Gone Oreo