We think some humor is in order…

What´s the last thing the bass player said to the band before he got fired? “Hey guys, I made a new song!”

That settled, here´s the last installment of the tedious, but boring none the less, studio adventures 2013. We have finished the last track of the album, and we believe that accomplishment  deserve a loud and honest huzza.


Hmmm, we couldn´t even get THAT right. It´s probably the content of this weeks podcast that is bugging our flemch. What? Crap, I give up.. Here´s the podcast.


(BTW: The previous estimate of low-going was utterly wrong, as this one takes over the throne with a vengeance)

Everything is now in the hands of Acle Kahney and 4Dsounds to make it awesome, and with quality material like this it can´t go wrong!

Bone Gogue

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