How low can you go?

The answer is “that low”, followed by a pointing gesture towards the computer monitor where our newest studio podcast is radiating pixelated filth across your desk. We love creating and playing music, and we enjoy making movies, we just haven´t quite grasped the concept of combining the two in an appropriate fashion. I don´t know why we even bother. We had such high hopes for this podcast, but alas, it´s all gone

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Anypork, this is the third installment of our Studio Adventures 2012-2013, and it should be viewed with caution. Oddgeir is singing his tiny heart out, Erkki reveals how he manages to keep his voice like that of an unmanly man, Chris has an emotional breakdown during recording, Anders is shouting inappropriate words all the time while Raymond tries to stay professional behind the desk. This one has it all!



You will be contacted between and  monday-thursday about our coming debut album as we have outsourced all our marketing needs to a call centre in India.



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