Here we go, once again, we´re tooorn into pieces…

The rogiatus is over! Gone Rogue has once again entered the recording studio with every intention to act in a professional manner, and to publish high quality studio reports suited for both informational and educational purposes. Of course, according with tradition, these intentions got a solid kick in the chickenskin allready before we finished writing this sentence.

We have as per now embarked on a journey best left undocumented, and needless to say, we will document every nano second of it. With the grace and speed of a sloth, we will forge the best album the world has seen from us this year, and that´s a promise!

Here´s a sneaky peaky from the studio preperations/pre-recordings we did last year.

If you have any complaints about our music, sense of humor, or our use of the english language, please do not pop it up your bottom as previously stated. Instead, post it at our “Urørt” page with all the other complaints
. We appreciate the feedback, we really do. Although, the thought of numerous people walking around with pages upon pages of Gone Rogue hate-letters neatly tucked inside their rectums, is quite entertaining as well

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Gone Kelly Clarkson

Essence of Absence - EP - Gone Rogue