Gone Rogue and In Flames..

..will not, despite all the rumors, share the stage this week. However, Essence of Absence is now available on iTunes! So if you haven´t gotten hold of this swashbuckling adventure of an EP yet, this is an easy way to give a struggling company like Apple some profit for once. And since it´s on iTunes, you know it must be good! Buy it, savour it, rate it five star pure metal, then buy it one more time.

Here are a costumer review for the EP Essence of Absence:

Lilly Alvås – ” Essence of what? I´m just making costumes, stop bothering me”

Also, here are some customer reviews for the EP Essence of Absence:

Inge O Asheim – “Kjempebra!!”
Gonerogue.net – “A swashbuckling adventure of an EP, five stars pure metal”
Justin Bieber – “I want my mommy…”

Clickety click on the button below to get to the itunes store

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Essence of Absence - EP - Gone Rogue

Gone iRogue