Our apologies..

Three weeks ago one of our axe wielders underwent a major ( minor ) wrist surgery

. Gone Rogue has therefore decided to cancel all concerts the next couple of months
. To all of our fans who bought tickets: We are truly sorry! Mostly because you have bought tickets to an imaginary event

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. Seriously, where did you buy them? Did you use your imaginary laptop to buy them on an imaginary online ticket outlet. Where do you keep the receipts? You need help man, jeezes…

Another guy who is in dire need of help is Jim. Give yourself an enema and check out the newest episode as the plot reach another turningpoint.

In any case, we will be back on the road as soon as our guitar player has recovered from surgery.

Oh, on a less important note, Chris has become a dad again
. So Chris, this is from everyone in the band: Give the kid a ps3 or a pair of scissors to keep him occupied, and get back on the drum kit!

Gone Parental Advisory