Merry Jeffmas everybody, and a happy new Jim!

So once again, Jeff and Jim has made their first christmas special! Just like when they did that detergent commercial for the sixth time

. We remember it like it was their tenth
. What a load of gibberish you might think
. BUT, what if this post contain secret messages, cleverly hidden in the text by the templars? Lets find out shall we!?

If you sum up the first two numbers in the previous sentences, and multiply it with the third number, you get the exact price of the newly released Gone Rogue EP, which is 70kr

14 days generic viagra It is noteworthy that erectile dysfunction might not be the.

. Amazing! But wait, there is more: If you take random letters, from different words of your choise, you can spell the words: BARGAIN CHEESE!!

We don´t know what the hell the “cheese” bit means, but one thing is certain: 70 small norwegians for the EP, is a BARGAIN!

Check out the Xmas special, and buy our album. It´s the PerfEct gift for aNy occasIon, promiSe…

Gone Illuminati

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