Jeff, but no Jim???

Jeff and Jim are back with a vengeance! Or, to be perfectly honest, Jim has gone on vacation with a vengeance, leaving Jeff all alone with his vengeanceness. We really have no idea what this episode is about, you just have to watch it and awe at its uselessness. Also, Daniel Gildenlöw (Pain of Salvation) has a special appearance at the end. He is a big fan of Jeff and Jim and could not hold back his excitement!

Next, on Jeff and Jim: Jeff has a romance with the presidents daughter as a ploy to take over the world. With the Gone Rogue doctrine in one hand, and fabric softener in the other, he will stop at nothing until his mission is complete

Table II (9)peripheral activity, are under review at the time of this sildenafil.

. The question remains to be answered: Will the people of Tsjetsjenie accept Gone Rogue´s “Essence of Absence” as their national anthem, or will they face obliteration! Death by carpet bombing, and other knitwear-type-bombs as well!! (the knickers bombs, and the tea pot warmer bombs are particularly gruesome)

Gone Psychotic Dictator

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