Breaking goose!

Everyones favorite metal rogues has come out of hibernation, and are at the moment rehearsing their fabulously molded asses off
. (It´s fairly obvious that the writer of this sexy article is a member of the band, but he decided that writing it in third person narrative would be totally erotic this time of the year)

Gone Rogue have some ridiculously awesome gigs lined up, and the dates will be announced in an even sexier post in the days to come. On another important note, please read the list of fish below:

. Herring
2. Cod
3. Haddock
4. Salmon

. Trout

The rogues would like to thank everyone for the great and overwhelming feedback they have gotten for the two songs they published on the internet. (If you haven´t downloaded the internet yet, it´s the writers recommendation that you acquire a floppy disk ASAP and start downloading

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. It´s truly a wonderful thing!) The feedback has been both outlandishly positive and brainlessly negative, and the rouges give a thankful hug to you all, you splendid little things!

A final petite and delicate request to all of you naysayers who didn´t like our music; If you have any suggestions on how to change our music in a style that might suit your cute little ears, write them all down in an e-mail, print it out, fold it up and pop it up your bottom.

Gone Fishing