Big things happening..

. Nothing big in particular is happening within the band at the moment. We are waiting for the final mix of our EP to jump out the mail box and hit us in the face. We´ve been given some rough samples and we must say it´s gonna be awesome in the true sense of the word! Acle and 4Dsounds have done a great job so far
. Release party date to be announced!

This weekend we had ourselves a quickie
. Personally, the writer of this article wish there was a juicy and picante-but-still-tasteful meaning behind that sentence, but no. We just had a quick rehersal where we played through (ish) our set list (ish)

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. First day was rather crap and borderline penitent. Second day however was filled with joy, happiness, and the skull smashing consequences from the whisky extravaganza the night before. A good day for rehersal! Pictures uploaded to our media section. More to come


Erkki and Flanders doing something.