Ground Breaking News! Lots of them!

We are maybe not the fastest seeds in the crop when it comes to updating our website, it´s not really much of a crop either, but hey, that´s “Gone Rogue” for you.
. So it´s time to post a more grand decleration you´d might call it on what´s going on in the band

First, Remi Eidhammer Draagen is no longer a member of the band. He chose to part ways with the group, something that the remaining members of “Gone Rogue” respects wholeheartedly.
There is no feud between either parts, and we look at the past as fun times shared with good company

With Remi leaving the band, we´ve found a new voice. And that new voice belongs to no other than Oddgeir Søvik (Mortal Fate, Pornflakes, Eco-band, and many more..), and we are very excited to work with the new vocalist who will carry our melodic and groovy flow of frequences into the future.

Last but not least, “Gone Rogue” has finally ventured forth into the studio again. How will it go you ask? We honestly have no idea (nothing new there). For now it will be 4 recorded tracks that will promote the new direction of the band
. We are as always eager to get on the nervewrecking, funny-but-frustrating process that is the studio.
At this moment the drums are done and we can already tell it´s going to be a stronger recording than the demo we recorded last year

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So stay tuned, leave a comment or two (it might take a while to use the shoutbox since we are more focused on having a life rather than deleting spam) and grab a carrot!