Gone Rogue, April 24th, John Dee

We´re pleased to announce that Gone Rogue went through to the Emergenza semi finals, and will be playing at John Dee, Oslo, April 24th. The bad news is that our dear drummer, Ole Christian, won´t be able to play with us that day
. But don´t let that throw you all into a never ending well of despair! We have hired Evan Huff as session drummer, and we are ready to rock as hard as ever before. We will be playing some new songs as well. New awesome songs that is

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. New mindblowingly awesome songs that is. ( Can you even use that word that way? )

If you want to save some $$$ on tickets, mail us at post@gonerogue.net. Special rogue discount for all!

In short, Gone Rogue, John Dee, April 24th, 19 o´clock, awesome! Oh, and there will be beer!

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